m/v Vighnraj

| Ship Particulars

General Details

  • Vessel Type Bulk Carrier Esp
  • Port of Registry Mumbai
  • Flag India
  • Shipyard Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.Ltd
  • Year of Built 1982
  • Class. Society Indian Ship Register /
  •  Bureau Veritas
  • IMO Number 8015659
  • Call Sign AWAC
  • Ex-Name Arctic, Cast Husky, Sopot
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Technical Details

    • Tonnage
    • Hull Type Single skin
    • Dead Weight 70,912
    • Gross Tonnage 40,504
    • Nett Tonnage 23,339
    • Dimension
    • Length 237.30 m
    • Breadth 32.20 m
    • Depth 18.60 m
    • Draft 13.480 m
    • Machinery
    • Main Engine Sulzer 4RLA90
    • Power 10010 kW
    • Speed 13.5 knt
    • Aux Engine 2 x Daihatsu 6PSHTC-26H +
    • Daihatsu 6PSHTC-26D

Cargo Gear & Capacity Details

    • Cargo Gear
    • 3 x 30ts Travelling Pulleman JIB Cranes
    • (1 crane model 4520 1, plus 2 cranes model 3520)
    • 21.5 mtr outreach side
    • 3 x 14.1cbm Clamshell Buckets
    • 1 x 45 ts Travelling Pulleman Gantry Crane
    • 8.80 mtr outreach port side
    • 1 x 13.8 cbm Clamshell Bucket
    • Boom & Belt Conveyor System
    • Belt conveyor capacity: 3000 mt/h
    • Boom distance from ship side: 72.5 mtr
    • Primary boom: 54 mtr, Telescopic boom: 18.5 mtr
    • Holds / Hatches
    • 7 holds / 7 hatch covers
    • (hydraulic folding & piggy back type)
    • Total: 84970 cbm

Vessel is fully equipped with mechanical out-trimming machinery


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